Need a Holiday Gift? What about the “F” Word?

Still looking for that last holiday gift? Is there a person in your life that you really do not want to give a gift to, but feel obligated to give one to? What if there was a way you could “keep the family peace” this holiday season without having to spend a lot of time and money? If you are interested, then I have the perfect gift for you….it’s the “F” word. What if you could give a gift that some have considered life changing? And this gift can be a holiday hit even if the other person does not…

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The Firsts

Motherhood is filled with so many Firsts.

Parenting Lesson from A Pink Piece of Cake by Terre Grable

Today is President’s Day. The day as a nation we recall Washington and the cherry tree and Honest Abe. Since most schools are closed we are headed for some Girl Time today. So please excuse my “cheating” as I share some words from another article I wrote when our daughters were small. Seems like yesterday. Sometimes we have to remember not to blink! “As a mom, do you sometimes feel frustrated? Need some parenting inspiration? Here are a few principles that I learned that gave me a different perspective in parenting children. Yesterday was a definite eye opening day. It…

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Southern Women's Show

We are still here at the Convention Center for the Southern Women’s Show with crazy deals on merchandise! The classic onesies (that say ….”my mommy is priceless” sold out completely yesterday). We are also sold out of the black tote bags. Obviously the prices are hot. Come on down and visit on this last day, 11am-6pm. We are in booths 1200-1204 with Ladies Who Launch. We’re part of their fashion show/dance show at 1pm on the main stage. See ya! Here’s our booth area….we are at the far left. Lots of friends are with us!