Really Anderson Cooper….Why the Mommy Wars?

I guess I’m a little late, but I just came across Anderson Cooper’s recent show in which a working mom referred to stay at home Moms as “Lazy.” Not to be undone, the stay at home moms then referred to the working moms as “selfish.” Really, Anderson…why the Mommy wars? It is hard enough for anyone to be a mother without inciting more drama. Motherhood may be the toughest job around and often with the most criticism. Women make choices contingent upon the needs of others, which is the epitome of self sacrifice. In addition, often such decisions are made…

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The Yellow Legal Pad of Possibilities

As moms, let’s tear out the pages filled with negativity, crumple it tightly and discard in the circular file. No mommy’s perfect.

Summer as a Working Mom – Can it be done?

Q. Recently a few friends and I were discussing the challenges of being a working mom in the summer. It can feel like we are constantly dealing with the inner struggle of wanting to spend time with my kids, yet still needing to find some time to work. As a mom, I do not want their summer memories to be filled with images of them spending too much time spent alone while I am on the phone or meetings. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with guilt and have thoughts of stopping working altogether. Our family budget does not allow me to…

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6 Things Every Mom Needs to Regain Balance in an Unbalanced Life

As a mom, have you ever had a time when your life seemed completely upside down and unbalanced? Despite your best intentions of wanting to meet all the deadlines, lend an listening ear and spend some time playing with your kids, the sands of time quickly slipped quickly through your fingers and you just couldn’t fit everything in. As a working mom, this was me last week as I attempted to cram everything in before I left for a conference. In the end, it left me feeling frustrated and yearning for a sense of balance. Here are 6 things every…

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