Motherhood On A Budget

Recently, my husband and I were in the car driving and got into a daring match.  You know, one of those discussions that begins with “You’d never be able to…”   After some relatively playful banter, we entered into a 10 day challenge whereby we each would refrain from our specific alleged vices.  Personally, I was to refrain from Starbucks, eating out and shopping with the exception of things that were necessary for our children. So after putting my Starbucks gold card in the freezer, I wore my confident smile and started the process. Normally a women that enjoys the…

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E-Cards: Every Mom’s Friend During the Holidays

There I was at 8:30 pm, covered in flour, sugar and and other sticky things from baking in the kitchen with my girls all day. My daughter and I were finishing up the pecan tassies when my eyes grew big and my heart felt like it stopped: I had forgotten to send my nieces and nephew a holiday gift. It was one of those things, when I’d remember and tell myself aloud “I really need to do that,” and then as quickly as it came….the thought escaped. Actually knowing my nieces and nephews, they wouldn’t have minded so much….but I…

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The Yellow Legal Pad of Possibilities

As moms, let’s tear out the pages filled with negativity, crumple it tightly and discard in the circular file. No mommy’s perfect.

“….because they don’t give shots!"

Today was the first appointment with our family optometrist for our preschooler. Knowing she would be apprehensive because she had never been before, I attempted to offer persuasions to her hesitancy. We stopped by Starbucks on the way out and then a rarity in our house: a doughnut from Krispy Kreme. We were even scheduled to have lunch with some fun friends. Thinking she was super psyched, we walked into the doctor’s office and all seemed right with the world. What happened next was a racing blur of anxiety provoking activity. Beginning with the fear of the optometry chair, followed…

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