Why This Therapist Hates The Word "Tattletale"

As a mom, I was hurt for my daughter. As a therapist, I was angry because of how poorly this matter was handled. Even now, my hackles will rise at the mention of the word “Tattletale.”

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Silence Communication With Your Kids

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after” – Anne Morrow Communication is the foundation of any relationship. As mothers, sometimes we think we are communicating with our children, but the opposite is true. Here is a step-by-step process for hindering communication with your kids: 1) Don’t listen to them Our Delusion: Kids, especially teenagers, really enjoy being interrupted. In fact, they thrive on it because they know that what their mom says is far more important than their own thoughts. You’d be surprised how many teenagers have shared with me how they…

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5 Minutes a Day To Connecting With Your Kids

You drive them to school. You attend their sports games. You even have an occasional meal with them. Yet, you still feel like the relationship with your children is superficial. You want to be “the go to person” for your teenager, but are not sure how to “break into their world.” There may not even be a lot of conflict between you two, but you still feel like acquaintances. Here are some suggestions that will take a minimum of 5 minutes per day that can help you connect with kids: 1. Become an observer As a mom, find out what…

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Owner Found Next Day!

Well we didn’t have to foster “Gertie” for very long. Apparently she had run away from her owner just the day prior to being found and a nice person saw her listing on Petfinders and informed me. There was a happy reunion that afternoon but not before she had a quick grooming since I wanted her to be able to cuddle up with my daughter if she needed to stay longer. Being that she had an electric fence collar we knew she was someone’s pet and would be claimed at some point and was very likely up to date on…

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