Need a Holiday Gift? What about the “F” Word?

Still looking for that last holiday gift? Is there a person in your life that you really do not want to give a gift to, but feel obligated to give one to? What if there was a way you could “keep the family peace” this holiday season without having to spend a lot of time and money? If you are interested, then I have the perfect gift for you….it’s the “F” word. What if you could give a gift that some have considered life changing? And this gift can be a holiday hit even if the other person does not…

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The Power of Gratitude

Thankful hearts are content to stay and savor the moment rather than become cluttered by worry and fear. Motivated and strengthened from where they have been, they focus on who they have become and do not getting lost in the future.

Why This Therapist Hates The Word "Tattletale"

As a mom, I was hurt for my daughter. As a therapist, I was angry because of how poorly this matter was handled. Even now, my hackles will rise at the mention of the word “Tattletale.”

Back to School for Every Mom

It is that time of year again when our children return back to school. Whether you home school, unschool or traditional school, here are some tips for every mom as we send our kids back to school: 1. Embrace a new year Similar to January 1, each academic year brings with it new opportunities. There are new things to be learned, new friendships to be explored, new sports to try and another grade to be tackled. There may even be an alternative method to dealing with a bothersome classmate. Last year’s conflicts do not need to become an obstacle to…

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A Lost Lovey

We were sitting down to dinner in a far away Fazoli’s in a very far away town. Our preschooler suddenly realized she didn’t have her favorite lovey. It was very far away at home. She exclaimed “We must turn around and go an get it!” And then it happened: Her bottom lip puckered out, she took her little hands – placed them over her little eyes and proceeded to cry very big tears. As a mom, I felt HORRIBLE. Yes, there could have been self defensive lectures of taking responsibility for things or exploring the adventure of not having a…

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