Need a Holiday Gift? What about the “F” Word?

Still looking for that last holiday gift? Is there a person in your life that you really do not want to give a gift to, but feel obligated to give one to? What if there was a way you could “keep the family peace” this holiday season without having to spend a lot of time and money? If you are interested, then I have the perfect gift for you….it’s the “F” word. What if you could give a gift that some have considered life changing? And this gift can be a holiday hit even if the other person does not…

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11 Ways Moms Can Show Teachers We Care

The only other profession that seems to be sometimes as thankless as motherhood is teaching. As we send our children back to school, I wanted to put together a list of ways that as moms we can show teacher we appreciate what they do.

5 Minutes a Day To Connecting With Your Kids

You drive them to school. You attend their sports games. You even have an occasional meal with them. Yet, you still feel like the relationship with your children is superficial. You want to be “the go to person” for your teenager, but are not sure how to “break into their world.” There may not even be a lot of conflict between you two, but you still feel like acquaintances. Here are some suggestions that will take a minimum of 5 minutes per day that can help you connect with kids: 1. Become an observer As a mom, find out what…

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Parenting Lesson from A Pink Piece of Cake by Terre Grable

Today is President’s Day. The day as a nation we recall Washington and the cherry tree and Honest Abe. Since most schools are closed we are headed for some Girl Time today. So please excuse my “cheating” as I share some words from another article I wrote when our daughters were small. Seems like yesterday. Sometimes we have to remember not to blink! “As a mom, do you sometimes feel frustrated? Need some parenting inspiration? Here are a few principles that I learned that gave me a different perspective in parenting children. Yesterday was a definite eye opening day. It…

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The Imperfect Valentine’s Day by Terre Grable

Today is Valentine’s Day. The holiday chosen to celebrate our feelings of love in relationships and friendships. A day filled with passion and creative plans of acts of kindness toward those we love. Today we have big and fun plans. We are going to have a special dinner, hand out the small tokens of our affection and celebrate our family with special games and dessert. Or at least we were. The local virus, possibly strep throat, has intruded and forced us to change course. Despite our well intentions, tonight we will likely have some soup and sandwiches and spend the…

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