Embrace the Lemon Cheesecake! by Susan Shifay Cheung

Recently, I saw a funny cartoon entitled “The Seven Dwarves of Menopause” and they were duly named: Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful and Psycho! Having experienced all these states, I’m either approaching early menopause, or it’s some deep seated anxiety about my birthday! This birthday I can’t say I’m in my early anything anymore. I think the old-fashioned, polite phrase would be to describe me as a woman of indeterminate age. Okay, you can call me vain, but when the young man in the grocery store called me “Miss” instead of the usual “Ma’am,” I beamed at him. I…

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Great idea from another Mommy:)

I learned about a mom today, Lisa-Jo Baker, who has a cool blog called Gypsy Mama. Sounds like she “gets” the No Mommy’s Perfect concept and takes it directly to lots of Mommies through her writing and speaking. Awesome!  You can also download her FREE e-book entitled “The Cheerleader for Tired Moms” by visiting her site. Take a five minute coffee break and check out her blog.  You deserve it Moms!

Back to School Success: It Starts With Me

Well, the first week of school is down and the 2012-13 school year is off and running.   I must confess, I am not a fan of the first day of school mostly because it signals the end of my summer vacation.  Oh how I will miss the flexibility of summer: the lack of schedule, eating dinner fresh from the garden, cannon balls in the pool and homemade ice cream.   No, summer bliss is now replaced with hurried mornings, back to normal bedtimes, lunches, homework assignments and the favorite morning pastime of searching for the preschooler’s missing socks.  Right…

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Motherhood and Dogs

Have you ever just been so busy and lost in the details and pressures of motherhood that left your brain feeling like mush and your body like a scrambled egg?  For hours on end swarms of thoughts consume your mind at one time that you forget the simplest things like taking dinner out of the oven, or missing an appointment because you forgot to write it down or even just the luxury of eating or going to the bathroom. What mother hasn’t forgotten to set the alarm clock because she was so tired from staying up at night with her…

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A Graduation Wish For Graduates of All Ages

It’s Graduation season.  So here is a wish for graduates of any age: preschool, elementary, jr high, high school or college. Congratulations kids and Moms!