Betty Ford 1918-2011

Betty Ford passed away last week. She is known for many things: former First Lady, champion of womens’ rights, breast cancer survivor, and advocate for breast cancer research. She is, perhaps, most well-recognized for bringing substance abuse out of the closet and into the light of treatment. It is because of her personal courage that the stigma of addiction began to be challenged-especially the stigma surrounding women and addiction. She publicly acknowledged her owns problems with alcohol and pain killers in the days after her husband left the White House. Her family gently confronted her on her issue in what…

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Cindy Margolis

Being “the most downloaded woman in history” sounds tiring but to Cindy Margolis the Los Angeles born and bred model, entrepreneur, personality and mother of four it’s just another accomplishment to add to her lengthy resume. What began as a class project for her business course at Cal State Northridge became her path to attain massive success. When she’s not busy posing for magazines or filming her reality show Seducing Cindy she’s managing Healthy Styles: A Community for Women where she shares everything from the joys of in-vetro fertilization to diet and exercise tips for the working mom.

Kevin Sorbo

No matter what role he does he’ll always be Hercules, but Kevin Sorbo doesn’t mind. He started out traveling the world for three years as a model before landing the coveted role, which led to over 30 TV and movie appearances. Since 1997 he has been a spokesperson for A World Fit For Kids a non-profit organization that provides gang, drug, and dropout prevention to teens through mentoring programs and he was recently named national spokesperson as successor to Arnold Schwarzenegger for The Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit organization working to ensure that all children have access to safe, enriching afterschool…

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Niecy Nash

Comedian and The Insider correspondent Niecy Nash is known for her roles on Reno 911 and Clean House. Most recently she fulfilled her childhood dream of being a professional dancer on the reality smash Dancing With the Stars where she made it into the top 5. The rare spare time she has is dedicated to family, church, and charities including the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, school violence, and domestic abuse. When asked what her hobbies are, she proudly replies “motherhood” which she considers her greatest success in life.

Genai Kerr

Genai Kerr, US Olympic Silver Medallist, got into water polo by accident. He followed the sound of whistles he believed was coming from a basketball game right into the high school water polo practice. He decided to replace track and basketball, which eventually earned him the coveted title of an All-American in 1998 and 1999. Genai has been a US Ambassador for the USADA (U.S. Antidoping Agency) since 2003 promoting clean sports for young athletes. He loved the No Mommy’s Recycled Tote bag and said …..”Thank you for spoiling my unborn nephew.” Learn more about Genai Kerr at his official…

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