There I was at 8:30 pm, covered in flour, sugar and and other sticky things from baking in the kitchen with my girls all day. My daughter and I were finishing up the pecan tassies when my eyes grew big and my heart felt like it stopped: I had forgotten to send my nieces and nephew a holiday gift. It was one of those things, when I’d remember and tell myself aloud “I really need to do that,” and then as quickly as it came….the thought escaped. Actually knowing my nieces and nephews, they wouldn’t have minded so much….but I had also forgotten to send them something for their birthdays this year and I felt horrible.

Remembering an article I had read online about digital gift cards, I searched the internet for their favorite retailers. And Whala! With their email addresses and payment information, their gift cards are on the way. No shipping or handling fees.

Thank you Game Stop! Thank you Starbucks! Thank you American Eagle!