The holidays are a comin’ Actually, they are already here. Personally, I find that the holidays are a great time of year, but they can also be a stressful one as well. Yet, I do not want to just settle for muddling through and surviving the holidays. I actually want to enjoy them. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with stuff to do, I want to enjoy what I’m doing.

Like everything in motherhood, perhaps thriving comes from simplification: eliminate the chaos and go back to the basics of the holiday season. The fun of making holiday gifts and sweet treats with our kids. Or maybe just asking “Why do the holidays even matter?” can help put things into perspective.

What is it that I want my kids to remember about the holidays? The laughter we have from being together. The silliness that comes with being together with family too long in a car ride. The nostalgia of traditions that we have done every year.

How do you thrive during the winter holidays?