A good friend and I recently spent time at a local glassblowing studio which I  had often driven past but never visited.   A Groupon got our attention so we scheduled our “Glassblowing Workshop for Two” at Franklin Glassblowing Studio not knowing a thing about “glassblowing” other than it sounded fun.  We both discovered it is REALLY fun- and easy (provided you have a great teacher/artist beside you guiding you through the process which we did!)  We chose to make a heart paperweight which only involved shaping the extremely hot glass.

We started by dipping a ball of clear melted glass from a 2000 degree oven onto a long rod and then rolling it in pieces of colored glass……..


















We reheated and then rolled and shaped the hot glass in a very large bowl—that’s our teacher you see below, Jose! He’s awesome and helped us through each step.


Next, we reheated our glass and then used a large spatula to shape the glass into a heart.


We used two other tools to actually “break” the glass away from the unshaped piece.  I think that was my favorite part!


The initial orange color is from the extreme temperature of the glass.  In fact, it briefly catches on fire on the wooden paddle–a true flaming heart!   It must be cooled for 24 hours in a special oven to prevent it from breaking if cooled too quickly.  This is not an activity for little kids, obviously, but a very fun mommy activity.


Here’s the final “cooled” masterpiece a few days later.

finalglass heartnew

The outcome is so cool and would make a very special gift.  You will be proud of your creation!  Check it out.

Here’s the info:

Franklin Glassblowing Studio

1143 Columbia Avenue, Suite A10

Franklin, TN


Owner:  Jose’

(He offered special rates for our group–Just mention No Mommy’s Perfect:)