As I write this, my husband and I are in Las Vegas sans kids. We are staying at the Cosmopolitan hotel located right on the Las Vegas Strip. What an amazing contemporary hotel, filled with as much energy as the city. We are having a great time, but I’m amazed at how things changed after you have kids.

Let’s just say You Know You Are A Mom and 40 When..

1. Remember those night club reps on The Strip that would chase you down to go clubbing tonight? They are now replaced by times share marketers.

2. You really miss being asked for ID.

3. You refuse the minimum $15 bet at the Black Jack table because that is the same amount of money for 3 glasses of Mommy Sanity from Starbucks… and well, some things should not be sacrificed.

4. You get a bigger thrill going to the the Titanic and CSI Exhibit than the casinos.

5. You can’t wait to get back to your hotel room with your own “Hunk a Hunk a Burning Love” so that you can to go to bed early

6. You feel overjoyed when the restaurants play Journey, Foreigner and REM and are clueless why your server has no idea who these bands even are.

7. You wouldn’t trade all The Jackpot winnings in Vegas for those kisses and hugs from the little ones back home.

Happy Monday!