As we were getting into the car tonight after dinner, our daughter started grumbling because she noticed food stuck to the bottom of her pants. “How humiliating!!!!!” she yelled as if it was intentionally put there to cause her life threatening distress.

Certainly there will be more humiliating circumstances that a one inch piece of a taco shell clinging to a pair of shorts! Yet, even though humiliation can feel paralyzing, the gift of humor is even more powerful.

After many more gripes and complaints of the unfairness of life, I began to share my own humiliating life experiences. Like losing your cards in the middle of a class speech. Or being a brilliant college student that uses a permanent Sharpie marker – instead of an erasable Expo one – on a white board on your senior class final presentation.

Or my personal favorite: being locked out of my hotel room chasing an 18 month old in the hallway on the top floor of an Embassy Suites in Birmingham – dressed only in my PJ top and my underwear. Oh and they weren’t the cute and sexy Victoria Secret ones….no they were the Target aqua marine granny panties leftover from pregnancy….

In the end, she was able to offer her own banter to decrease her feelings of humiliation. As a mom, I think one of the best gifts I can give our children is the ability to laugh at life and themselves. Humor or Humiliation?

I still haven’t been back to Birmingham….


  • Lexi

    I can totally relate to this blog. I have always used humor to “deflect” if you will my embarrassing moments. That goes for my kids when they doing something embarrassing too. Thanks for sharing.