Here in the South, winter is leaving and spring is in the air! I love spring because of its promise of renewal. The days will start to get longer as the cooler temperatures make way for their warmer siblings. The buds are waking up from their winter slumber and the days are getting longer with the recent time change.

Many moms also associate spring with the annual chore of Spring Cleaning. A time where we as moms tend to clear out the clutter of our home and clean those places that have been neglected all winter. I always experience such satisfaction and feelings of refreshment after deep cleaning.

Yet, as a mom, spring can be a time of personal renewal as well. It a great time to try new challenges or even redefine those resolutions we started so strongly a few months ago. Moreover, it is a time when we, as moms, can finally let go of those things that have entangled us for long enough during life’s winter season and get rid of the clutter that has been taking up precious space in our hearts and minds.

I ready for some new challenges and deep cleaning, what about you?