The Goober in the Shower

And it dawned on me: THIS is the stuff that motherhood is made of- the simplicity rather than complexities of life.

The Power of Optimism

There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist. ~Mark Twain You’re in the pick up line, and your child gets into the car. Out of habit you ask the question you will later regret: “So, how was your day?” What usually follows is a litany of all the negative things that have transpired in the last 7 hours. Someone didn’t play with him today like they did yesterday, her juice leaked out of her thermos and completely ruined her day, it was the worst day in all of humanity because he missed the last question on the pop quiz…

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Betty Ford 1918-2011

Betty Ford passed away last week. She is known for many things: former First Lady, champion of womens’ rights, breast cancer survivor, and advocate for breast cancer research. She is, perhaps, most well-recognized for bringing substance abuse out of the closet and into the light of treatment. It is because of her personal courage that the stigma of addiction began to be challenged-especially the stigma surrounding women and addiction. She publicly acknowledged her owns problems with alcohol and pain killers in the days after her husband left the White House. Her family gently confronted her on her issue in what…

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