The Yellow Legal Pad of Possibilities

As moms, let’s tear out the pages filled with negativity, crumple it tightly and discard in the circular file. No mommy’s perfect.

How to Help Your Family When You Lose Your Job

Q: Recently, I lost my job where I was employed for the past 12 years. It was unexpected, and we do not have a lot of savings. I am concerned about kids. We live in what I guess you could call a typical “suburban” area. We have a nice house and my children enjoy a “nicer than most” comfortable lifestyle. As a mom, I do not want my job loss to disrupt their lives, but I also know the limits on our family budget right now. How do I help my family through this job loss? A: Given these economic…

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Wade Belak will be missed

This morning my husband’s tone let me know something serious had happened-not “I overslept” sort of serious, but truly serious. He came downstairs and told me that someone we knew: a husband, a father of two little girls, & a former hockey player (pretty good we hear but we just knew Wade as “Andie & Alex’s Dad”) had passed away. I know his wife Jennifer to be a very kind, friendly, beautiful, down-to-earth person who is also a great mom. I mainly knew Wade from birthday parties-he was always in his Dad mode when I saw him and he appeared…

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The Power of Optimism

There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist. ~Mark Twain You’re in the pick up line, and your child gets into the car. Out of habit you ask the question you will later regret: “So, how was your day?” What usually follows is a litany of all the negative things that have transpired in the last 7 hours. Someone didn’t play with him today like they did yesterday, her juice leaked out of her thermos and completely ruined her day, it was the worst day in all of humanity because he missed the last question on the pop quiz…

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