Great idea from another Mommy:)

I learned about a mom today, Lisa-Jo Baker, who has a cool blog called Gypsy Mama. Sounds like she “gets” the No Mommy’s Perfect concept and takes it directly to lots of Mommies through her writing and speaking. Awesome!  You can also download her FREE e-book entitled “The Cheerleader for Tired Moms” by visiting her site. Take a five minute coffee break and check out her blog.  You deserve it Moms!

5 Sanity Saving Tips for Surviving The Last Weeks of School

We are down to the last few weeks of school in our area, and it promises to be a crazy few weeks. There are parties, field days, Grandparents Day and that long awaited last day of school. Is it me or does there always seem to be a terrible case of Rushing and Hurry this time of year? And then there is my favorite….the scheduling nightmare for many moms: those early dismissals that seem to be offered in droves. Here are 5 tips for to finishing the school year with sanity. 1. Celebrate the school year Has it been a…

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