Naked Triplets – ’cause “nude triplets” sounds weird, right?

So I was meeting with a couple other moms recently regarding our local Meet Up group…..our group is growing and we are planning some fun activities in the near future.  A local college (Anthem College) offered their facilities for us to have our upcoming meetings.  While brainstorming about types of speakers we’d enjoy for our group, potential outings, etc. we were wrangling children in a conference room.  One was a 17 month old little boy in addition to a set of 2 year old twin boys who enjoyed running laps around the large conference table.  I remarked that I was…

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Happy New Year!

It’s going to be a great year moms.     

Great idea from another Mommy:)

I learned about a mom today, Lisa-Jo Baker, who has a cool blog called Gypsy Mama. Sounds like she “gets” the No Mommy’s Perfect concept and takes it directly to lots of Mommies through her writing and speaking. Awesome!  You can also download her FREE e-book entitled “The Cheerleader for Tired Moms” by visiting her site. Take a five minute coffee break and check out her blog.  You deserve it Moms!

Changing the World

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank Do you remember reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” in school?  What a powerful message of one teenager changing the world through her own thoughts written down in a small diary.  Could anyone have imagined the impact she would have? As moms, we change the world everyday!  We change the world by changing diapers and playing one more game of G.I. Joe before nap time.  We change the world by getting up early to pack lunches, drive them to school and…

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The Power of Do-Over

Remember when we were kids and we made a mistake playing kick ball? We’d call a “Do Over.” There was no yelling or arguing.  We all just hit the reset button and made the play again.  Nothing was so major that it was not easily forgotten or ever mentioned again.  A mistake was simply that … a mistake.  Not a big deal.  We just wanted to start over and continue the game rather than focus on the errors. I miss those Do-Overs! What if I offered Do-Overs more freely to people on the street? Or to my kids? Or even myself?…

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