Franklin Glassblowing Studio is fun!

A good friend and I recently spent time at a local glassblowing studio which I  had often driven past but never visited.   A Groupon got our attention so we scheduled our “Glassblowing Workshop for Two” at Franklin Glassblowing Studio not knowing a thing about “glassblowing” other than it sounded fun.  We both discovered it is REALLY fun- and easy (provided you have a great teacher/artist beside you guiding you through the process which we did!)  We chose to make a heart paperweight which only involved shaping the extremely hot glass. We started by dipping a ball of clear melted…

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Do you have Mommy Brain?

Well, it’s official. I still have Mommy Brain….at times at least.  It explains a lot of things, actually, such as why I go upstairs to get the laundry and then start organizing my daughter’s kindergarten papers from last year that I happen to see in the closet as I am looking for an extra hanger or two then go back downstairs (now, an hour later) and see the washing machine open and recall that “Oh, yea, I went upstairs to get the laundry!”  Off I go, again, to get that laundry.  On the way, I notice a little fur ball…

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A Lost Lovey

We were sitting down to dinner in a far away Fazoli’s in a very far away town. Our preschooler suddenly realized she didn’t have her favorite lovey. It was very far away at home. She exclaimed “We must turn around and go an get it!” And then it happened: Her bottom lip puckered out, she took her little hands – placed them over her little eyes and proceeded to cry very big tears. As a mom, I felt HORRIBLE. Yes, there could have been self defensive lectures of taking responsibility for things or exploring the adventure of not having a…

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I am finally Blogging!!!! Hallelujah!

OK, so it’s January and I am just now blogging. Isn’t that the essence of No Mommy’s Perfect? The holidays were super busy and the snow days have been filled with cookie baking and Sponge Bob:) Stay on the look out for more fun things from No Mommy’s Perfect as this year is going to be a good one for everyone! Have a Perfectly Imperfect Day!

Southern Women's Show

We are still here at the Convention Center for the Southern Women’s Show with crazy deals on merchandise! The classic onesies (that say ….”my mommy is priceless” sold out completely yesterday). We are also sold out of the black tote bags. Obviously the prices are hot. Come on down and visit on this last day, 11am-6pm. We are in booths 1200-1204 with Ladies Who Launch. We’re part of their fashion show/dance show at 1pm on the main stage. See ya! Here’s our booth area….we are at the far left. Lots of friends are with us!