The Goober in the Shower

And it dawned on me: THIS is the stuff that motherhood is made of- the simplicity rather than complexities of life.

Do you love your job?

I love my job. I am a psychiatrist and am very lucky to be able to listen to and offer suggestions to individuals and families in crisis. Yes, medication is sometimes part of the recommendation but not always. “Talk therapy”, while not utilized by psychiatrists as much as they would like due to insurance demands (I am out of network for that reason) goes a long way in healing a situation. I love my other job of being a mother but often feel it’s the more challenging of my two careers. I was very pleased this morning when my daughter…

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Using Humor to Disarm "Humiliation"

As we were getting into the car tonight after dinner, our daughter started grumbling because she noticed food stuck to the bottom of her pants. “How humiliating!!!!!” she yelled as if it was intentionally put there to cause her life threatening distress. Certainly there will be more humiliating circumstances that a one inch piece of a taco shell clinging to a pair of shorts! Yet, even though humiliation can feel paralyzing, the gift of humor is even more powerful. After many more gripes and complaints of the unfairness of life, I began to share my own humiliating life experiences. Like…

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Parenting Lesson from A Pink Piece of Cake by Terre Grable

Today is President’s Day. The day as a nation we recall Washington and the cherry tree and Honest Abe. Since most schools are closed we are headed for some Girl Time today. So please excuse my “cheating” as I share some words from another article I wrote when our daughters were small. Seems like yesterday. Sometimes we have to remember not to blink! “As a mom, do you sometimes feel frustrated? Need some parenting inspiration? Here are a few principles that I learned that gave me a different perspective in parenting children. Yesterday was a definite eye opening day. It…

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Spring Cleaning in February

Well, I suppose it is never too early for Spring cleaning. Since our daughter’s birthday coincides with Christmas we have a lot of new things at the house. We also have a lot of old things now too which can be a bit overwhelming for a four year old…and definitely not in keeping with the Montessori methodology of simplicity. It’s also overwhelming for her parents! So….to the donation station we went this week and now we have room to breathe again….aahhhh (I also discovered some dust bunnies–oh, well). When does your Spring cleaning begin or is it a year round…

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