A new perspective on resolutions

I read an article this morning about making a “shipping list” so you can look back on all the things you have finished up and “shipped” out over the past year rather than just planning ahead for the things you hope to accomplish. That’s great too-we all need goals and direction, a map if you will, but it’s also good to take stock of how far we have come. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and also a boost of energy for the year ahead to get those next goals done. So even if you have already…

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Cindy Margolis

Being “the most downloaded woman in history” sounds tiring but to Cindy Margolis the Los Angeles born and bred model, entrepreneur, personality and mother of four it’s just another accomplishment to add to her lengthy resume. What began as a class project for her business course at Cal State Northridge became her path to attain massive success. When she’s not busy posing for magazines or filming her reality show Seducing Cindy she’s managing Healthy Styles: A Community for Women where she shares everything from the joys of in-vetro fertilization to diet and exercise tips for the working mom. http://www.cindymargolis.com/girltalk.cfm