Our Story

No Mommy’s Perfect was created as a way to share what moms already discuss…keeping motherhood down to earth. This is easier said than done when trying to balance work, kids, housework, …oh and don’t forget about self-care, endless errands, romance, etc.! A reminder that it’s OK to be down to earth instead of “perfect”; is a step in the right direction.

Another goal of No Mommy’s Perfect is to send positive messages to other moms in a fast & fun way. This turns your community into an instant supportive atmosphere. Let’s say you have a great morning and head to the gym..(kudos to you!)..perhaps a young mom is there, feeling sad, looks at you and thinks: “Am I the only one who is having a hard time?” Remember how you felt early on? A simple reminder on your t-shirt or bag might help another mom know that No Mommy’s Perfect. She would definitely feel less alone and might just ask your opinion on a problem, say hello or just smile. Just imagine how much better we would feel if the mommy wars could end and we supported each other in our struggles and our joys. Motherhood is not a competitive sport.

Perfectionism isn’t real. Mommies are real … kids are real…real messy, real sweet, real sassy… real good reminders that this is truly how life works.

No Mommy’s Perfect products were created to give moms frequent positive reminders that it’s OK to be down to earth.

Talk to another mom. Don’t just tell her the “perfect” stuff. Let’s embrace motherhood and keep it real.