Dealing With Disappointment

bigstock-bad-day-mom-5665039Ever have one of THOSE days?   One that started out  with a hope filled agenda but by afternoon’s end it was stacked with frustration upon frustration?  Let’s see, as a counselor, what face would I describe that as on the “Feeling Faces” handout?    Easy…I’ve got a serious case of the Disappointments.  Yes, we in the mental health field experience it like everyone else.  For today, evening can’t come soon enough so I can crawl into bed and close the chapter on this day.

I could offer specifics, but in the end it would only result in the same thing we tell our kids in that complaining never seems to resolve anything. So then what’s a mom to do to deal with disappointment?

Well, I do know that having a friend that always seems to make me laugh is the perfect anecdote for my wayward self pity.  Playing with the dog works wonders as does listening to my preschooler share her thoughts on why  it is “very” important to sleep with the light on just one more time.

Yes, Friendship (Thanks LDP) and Distraction seem to be just what this tired Mom needs.  I’m blessed to have both.

And to borrow words from Judith Viorst….”Some days are like that even in Australia.”