There I was, lying awake at 3 am on a Sunday morning and feeling my heart skip a beat because I had so much to do and not enough time. Have you ever felt that way? Between obligations to church, school, home, work and other extracurricular activities I was stressed to the point I was losing sleep.   Ugh! I think it’s rather ironic how easy it is to jump on the wagon of commitments and difficult to get off.   I talk to moms weekly about being overcommitted and here I was in desperate need of my own advice.   I…

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Forgiveness Podcast by Two Moms Still Figuring It Out

Girl Talk….I love it. And one of my favorite people to talk with is Susan Douglas, MD. So incredibly smart and yet so real. Recently, we sat down to talk about forgiveness and decided to put our thoughts into a podcast. Being mothers ourselves, we kept it brief. Enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Moms: Why We Need A New Standard for Body Image

As a counselor, I am convinced that self esteem and body image are in the top therapeutic concerns for women. As moms, we need a new standard from which we perceive beauty for ourselves and others.

The Yellow Legal Pad of Possibilities

As moms, let’s tear out the pages filled with negativity, crumple it tightly and discard in the circular file. No mommy’s perfect.

Can I Really Ride Out The Shifting Economy Without Sinking?

As a mom, it can feel overwhelming when we listen to the news of the economy. Here are some tips to ride out the ever changing economic news without sinking.