Don’t Misjudge the Snake By Susan Shifay Cheung

Okay, I know Valentine’s Day is commercialized and we’re more than sucked into the whole cards, flowers and candy shebang, but, personally, I love seeing red hearts in the shops. It’s joyful and uplifting. Don’t you think after the blaze of holiday lights and decorations in November and December, January is a drab, grey month? That’s why we embrace the burst of bright colors for Valentine’s Day. A friend, who’s knowledgeable about colors, tells me vibrations from the color red increases muscle activity. Well, I certainly need that to zap me out of my mental and physical stupor during the…

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Diet Soda? Really? What do you think?

A recent study has demonstrated a possible link between depression and diet soda.   Here is the link (it takes a few seconds to download but the transcript is below the video) This is depressing just to hear since I rarely miss a day without Coke Zero! What do you think?

Meet Dr. Nicholas Flower

  Meet Dr. Nicholas Flower Dr. Nicholas (Nick) Flower–psychologist and colleague of mine –recently sat down for an interview with me regarding his new Private Practice in Brentwood, TN (Cool Springs).   I want to share this information with everyone in case you are in search of individual therapy in 2013 or “just in case” you get asked if you know of  a good therapist. So Nick, tell me where you’re from and what brought you to Nashville? I’m from Smithton, PA a small cozy town about 45 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh, PA. I got married to my lovely wife…

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Family Annual Checkup by Susan Shifay Cheung

  Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions. Not the personal ones like exercising more or procrastinating less. Those we know, love or hate, but we make them anyway as a matter of routine come every January. I’m talking about resolutions we make as a family (whatever that unit looks like). We assume we’re all on the same page with our understanding and actions, but are we really? From experience, sitting down to talk about what we want for the coming year is worth every minute away from the TV, computer, Wii, Nintendo DS, cell phone and every mobile hotspot in the…

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Pouring out compassion, sympathy

by Susan Douglas, MD As mothers, our hearts ache for the unimaginable grief and loss of the families in Newtown, Connecticut……feelings of shock, sadness, and sympathy.  Anxiety & intense fear also creep in…disturbing moments of gratitude for our own children.   We may tune into the news for more and more information yet feel more confused than ever….so many unanswered questions. Mainly I just feel so very sad for the families who have experienced this tragedy. Resources on talking to kids about tragedy are contained in the following Post by Dr. Brene Brown, one of my favorite authors and speakers. Newtown, our…

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