Is Summer stressful for working moms?

My colleague Terre and I have a great friendship and can banter about our similarities and differences in a fun way that allows us to be ourselves.  I value our friendship.  I must say when I read her last couple postings on how moms should “relax this summer”, well, I thought that was great….if you’re Terre:)  I wrote the following and she encouraged me to post it asap.  What if you’re working and you don’t necessarily have that same level of flexibility?  Let’s get a few things straight.  Every Mother is a Working Mother.  I get that.  We have cute…

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A Graduation Wish For Graduates of All Ages

It’s Graduation season.  So here is a wish for graduates of any age: preschool, elementary, jr high, high school or college. Congratulations kids and Moms!