Half Birthdays For Summer Babies

Birthdays are so much fun for kids. One of the things that makes them so special for kids is celebrating with their friends at school. However, kids born in the summer often miss out on this experience. Recently, one of my daughter’s teachers recognized this need and came up with a solution. She started celebrating “Half Birthdays” on the six month anniversary for students born in the summer. So if someone’s birthday was August 1, they had a class party on February 1. Isn’t that clever! How fun would it be to come into class, thinking it would be an…

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Helping Kids Make Friends

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. ~Douglas Pagels All Moms want their kids to have great friendships. Like us, kids need friend to hang out with and to grow socially and physically. Without friends, many kids may feel alone, isolated and down about themselves. We also want our kids to pick the right friends, those that will encourage him when he is sad and accept her for all of her wonderful qualities. Yet, friendships can be challenging. How can we help our kids make solid friendships?…

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Holiday Traditions?

Does your family have any special holiday traditions? For many kids, both big and small, these special things are what makes the holidays memorable and even “just right.” As a mom, holiday traditions can mean some extra work. Yet, whether we bake sweet treats or visit special places, holiday traditions are things families hold dear. What holiday traditions does your family enjoy?    

Tips for Single Moms From A Single Parented Kid This Holiday Season

One thing is for certain: Single parenting is a tough gig. Having been raised by a single parent, I know how it can be especially difficult during the holiday season. The streets are filled with holiday cheer and some single parents are struggling to just figure out how to survive physically and emotionally like the rest of the year. Here are some thoughts to Moms from a single parented kid: 1. It’s really not about the gifts. It is more beneficial to live in your means that to overspend on gifts.. The added stress that comes from overspending will only…

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Need a Holiday Gift? What about the “F” Word?

Still looking for that last holiday gift? Is there a person in your life that you really do not want to give a gift to, but feel obligated to give one to? What if there was a way you could “keep the family peace” this holiday season without having to spend a lot of time and money? If you are interested, then I have the perfect gift for you….it’s the “F” word. What if you could give a gift that some have considered life changing? And this gift can be a holiday hit even if the other person does not…

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