Things To Do To Beat the Winter Blues

Got the Winter Blues?  Can’t seem to shake the big case of the Blahs?  Feeling a bit depressed and not sure why?   It’s possible that, like millions of others around the world, you could be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).   While, I’ll leave the actual diagnosing to your personal healthcare professional, here are some things moms can do to avoid letting Old Man Winter get ya’ down.  Oh, and  for the record…I’m speaking not just as a counselor, but fellow sufferer too! 1.  Consider Light Therapy Light Therapy involved sitting in front of a special light box that…

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25 Ways to Keep Sane During the Holidays

By Susan Shifay Cheung I’m not feeling the positive spirit of holiday preparations. There’s just too much – too much stimulation, spending and contact with people (or, conversely, not enough contact, if you’re far from loved ones.) Then, there’s the meal planning. You pour over recipe books and try new dishes you hope won’t fall flat when you present them at the dinner table. And don’t pretend you don’t know your holiday cookies, pot luck dishes or sides are being judged at the holiday table, neighborhood cookie exchange, office celebration, or friend’s party. You go into “to do” list frenzy…

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Great idea from another Mommy:)

I learned about a mom today, Lisa-Jo Baker, who has a cool blog called Gypsy Mama. Sounds like she “gets” the No Mommy’s Perfect concept and takes it directly to lots of Mommies through her writing and speaking. Awesome!  You can also download her FREE e-book entitled “The Cheerleader for Tired Moms” by visiting her site. Take a five minute coffee break and check out her blog.  You deserve it Moms!

Swiss Army Knife Moms by Ramon Presson

A friend & colleague of mine, Ramon Presson, posted this on our No Mommy’s Perfect Facebook Group.  I asked his permission to repost here for all to enjoy.   This is my first day in 3 weeks, including weekends, that I haven’t been counseling, traveling, speaking, researching, or feverishly writing, and I can tell that I don’t know how to relax this morning. Have been up since 5:30 and going at a steady clip. Sometimes I think I confuse the difference between unproductive and really relaxing or recharging. I’m not complaining. I love all the things I do. Just learning…

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Back to School Success: It Starts With Me

Well, the first week of school is down and the 2012-13 school year is off and running.   I must confess, I am not a fan of the first day of school mostly because it signals the end of my summer vacation.  Oh how I will miss the flexibility of summer: the lack of schedule, eating dinner fresh from the garden, cannon balls in the pool and homemade ice cream.   No, summer bliss is now replaced with hurried mornings, back to normal bedtimes, lunches, homework assignments and the favorite morning pastime of searching for the preschooler’s missing socks.  Right…

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