New Year’s Resolutions – Why They are Important

2013 is here!   Honestly, this is one of my favorite times of the year because of the wealth of opportunity that is before us if we choose to grab on.  Be it business, personal, social or even physical health, how exciting to be able to have a new beginning in the middle of the dreariness of winter.   I know many people don’t like New Year Resolutions and find them a bit ridiculous based upon some of the social media comments I’ve come across. However, I think we sometimes get it backwards.  The significance and  power of New Year…

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Happy New Year!

It’s going to be a great year moms.     

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas Moms!

Many of us are playing Santa right now, putting toys together, wrapping presents, perhaps getting a head start on cooking for tomorrow. I’m about to hit the sack and get a little shut eye myself in anticipation of a big day tomorrow. I grew up with all the presents from “Santa” as unwrapped while my husband recalls all “Santa’s” gifts wrapped. We are doing a mix of both tomorrow. We both decided it would be challenging to wrap a drum set.  Overall I plan to just enjoy the day, eat less than I did at Thanksgiving (which was way too…

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25 Ways to Keep Sane During the Holidays

By Susan Shifay Cheung I’m not feeling the positive spirit of holiday preparations. There’s just too much – too much stimulation, spending and contact with people (or, conversely, not enough contact, if you’re far from loved ones.) Then, there’s the meal planning. You pour over recipe books and try new dishes you hope won’t fall flat when you present them at the dinner table. And don’t pretend you don’t know your holiday cookies, pot luck dishes or sides are being judged at the holiday table, neighborhood cookie exchange, office celebration, or friend’s party. You go into “to do” list frenzy…

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Independence Day for Moms

Aaah, Independence Day.   Many of us will be traveling around with our kids and family, while others will enjoy some down time at home.  With July 4 right around the corner, I started to think about my own Independence Day.   Just like our forefathers, and I’m sure foremothers , declared their freedom from Great Britain, this is a time where as a  mother I can declare my own independence.  I can embrace the freedom from the grips of perfectionism and the need of the approval of others.  Freedom to become the person I want and the mother I  was…

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