Have you ever just been so busy and lost in the details and pressures of motherhood that left your brain feeling like mush and your body like a scrambled egg?  For hours on end swarms of thoughts consume your mind at one time that you forget the simplest things like taking dinner out of the oven, or missing an appointment because you forgot to write it down or even just the luxury of eating or going to the bathroom.

What mother hasn’t forgotten to set the alarm clock because she was so tired from staying up at night with her sick child or worrying about the whereabouts of her teenager.   And then she oversleeps and well the day feels completely like it has started on a wrong note, followed by endless meetings, shortened deadlines and just more fatigue heaped onto a growing pile of exhaustion.  It brings the endless activity and busyness of motherhood into the forefront and begs the question:  ”Really?  Is this what motherhood is all about?  A tornado of scheduling, chaos and visions of peace and inner tranquility slipping through my fingers?”

And then my speculative inner chatter is interrupted by heavy breathing, signs and pleasurable groans.    Before you think I was watching something of the adult entertainment genre, it was actually the residential canines enjoying their evening ritual of chewing on their favorite bones.    What was intended to be a simple distraction so we can enjoy a few moments of peace to finish up some work while the kids are in bed, it has become the method they use to wind down their day.

As I sit working on my laptop, our German Shepherds are casually whittling away on their bones without a care in the world.   No longer bothered by the holes that were left undug, the rabbits that out smarted them this morning, or their bosses’ disappointment in  them resulting from their utter failure to keep the deer out of the garden… they are hunkered down content to fight such battles another day.

Taking their cue, I wonder what things I can do to or learn to wind down my day rather than just keep pushing until I collapse.  What are some things I need to leave for another day instead of trying to conquer the world in one night?   And more importantly,  how many naps can I fit into my day?