Love is in the air!  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it can be a very busy time for moms.  Maybe you will be spending Valentine’s Day helping out with the school parties, making special treats and getting those class valentine’s ready.  Don’t forget to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day.   Here are some simple ideas to pamper yourself without breaking the bank:

1.  Sleep in extra 20 minutes.  Get the lunches ready the night before, get the homework signed, program the coffee maker and have oatmeal for breakfast

2.  Take the night off, order pizza, watch a movie and go to bed early.

3.  Take a bubble bath and give yourself  pedicure.

4.  What is Valentine’s Day without chocolate?  Forego the diet for today and have a little bit of chocolate…or even a lot of chocolate!

5.   Make Valentine’s Day “Comfy Day” – dress comfortably for work and limit your meetings

6.  Curl up with a good book

7.   Get a new App

Whatever your plans, may your day be filled with Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!