As you know, today is Friday.   We usually post fun videos, informative podcasts and witty sayings to end the week and launch the weekend.  But, I must confess.  This week’s Friday post will be a bit lacking.  Somewhere between illness, appointments and other  uninvited disruptions it has gotten lost.  Instead, it has been replaced with much needed pedicures, sushi and the joy of a sick child getting a new fish.

Motherhood is like that, isn’t is?  Well thought out plans interrupted with  life necessities.  Back in the day, such instances would have been viewed as unwelcome intrusions to my schedule, causing mounting frustration and disappointment in myself for failing to get it together.

Then… I had kids.    And I breathe a bit easier letting go of expectations and finding comfort in those two liberating words every mother lives by:

Oh, well.

Have a great weekend!