Well, the first week of school is down and the 2012-13 school year is off and running.   I must confess, I am not a fan of the first day of school mostly because it signals the end of my summer vacation.  Oh how I will miss the flexibility of summer: the lack of schedule, eating dinner fresh from the garden, cannon balls in the pool and homemade ice cream.   No, summer bliss is now replaced with hurried mornings, back to normal bedtimes, lunches, homework assignments and the favorite morning pastime of searching for the preschooler’s missing socks.  Right now, I’m losing the game.

And then not too long into my personal tirade of self pity, I feel this tinge of conviction and my conscious starts to kick me in the shin.   The problem is not that summer has ended or even the back to school season.  Rather it’s something larger, and thankfully within my ability to repair….the problem is my bad attitude.

Where do I get off thinking school is a bad thinking?!?    School is a good thing…no, it is a great thing.  One would think that as a therapist I’d remember the importance of routines, socialization and the value of hard work I want to instill in our children rather than the slacker mentality I’ve been living for the past three months!    Yes, despite all my grumbling and complaining, the school year has resumed and so must my back to school motherhood duties.  Since my attitude seems to set the stage in the morning, I might as well make it a healthy one.   After all, even I don’t like being around that grumpy Mommy in the morning.

So, here we go!  Here’s to a great school year!