How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank

Do you remember reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” in school?  What a powerful message of one teenager changing the world through her own thoughts written down in a small diary.  Could anyone have imagined the impact she would have?

As moms, we change the world everyday!  We change the world by changing diapers and playing one more game of G.I. Joe before nap time.  We change the world by getting up early to pack lunches, drive them to school and meeting them at the bus stop.   We change the world by encouraging them to dust themselves off and try just one more time.  We change the world by having great friends and helping them experience the joy of their own friendships.  We change the world by going to soccer game, school plays and chaperoning field trips.  We change the world by going to work to provide for our families and coming home to steal some time to put them to bed and listen to the happenings of their day.  We change the world by loving our jobs and exemplifying the opportunity of  self sufficiency and a healthy work ethic.  We change the world by teaching them how to drive and trusting them to take the family car out for the first time.  We change the world by teaching them everything we can and then giving the wings.

We change the world when we tell our children we love them.

We don’t always get it right and though all of this is often overlooked and easily forgotten, you change the world every day.

Great job, Mom….I mean…World Changer!