“How r u all feeling” – I texted my friend

“Fine. How are you all?” – she replied

“All sick…..How long does it take?”

“About a week.”

“Well darn. *$&$***$” I reply.

Well, the flu season is definitely here in our part of the world. In our house alone, we have experienced viruses and ear infections back to back. Ugh! Between trips to the pediatrician and the ER, it has become crystal clear that I do not like it when sickness becomes an unwelcomed guest in our home. Not only does it steal away our fun, but it is just so exhausting. I told my husband that I felt like I have been on call for two weeks. His reply: “You have.” At least, the on call pager never called my name every 10 minutes.

So in the midst of the yuckiness, I give myself a time out and figure out some ways to survive. I make myself a cup of tea and then breathe. I remember this is temporary and soon our their fever ridden bodies will give way to endless energy and our home will once again be filled with its normal sounds and schedules. Why am I squandering the time? We can watch movies, read some books together and just enjoy some much needed downtime. How many times has the thought crossed my mind that time is fleeting with our girls and I need to savor the moment with them? Illness can be a pain, but also serve this mommy a much needed reminder.

How do you survive when your kids are sick?