January brings with it a new year and new resolutions. Like many things in life, some resolutions are a success and others are failures. I know I’ve had my share of lackluster resolution success. Last year, I was certain I was going to take a cooking class with some friends because it would be fun. I think the closest I got was roasting hot dogs and smores over a campfire!

As one who gets an adrenaline rush from achieving goals, I really enjoy this time of year. Yet, since I’ve read most of the advice of how to achieve one’s new years resolutions, I think there needs to be a special section in the Resolution Handbook authored by Moms.

For example, instead of New Years Resolutions, what if we just had Monthly ones? Who says that resolutions have to be 365 days long? As a Mom, I tend to live my life in 30 day increments….and that’s on a good day:) We can do….or undo…most things for 30 days. And simple…they simply must be simple. Any mother trying to get their kids off to school in the mornings knows that complexity can be so overrated sometimes.

I also think it is time for a new branding for New Years Resolutions. Resolutions imply a deficiency or things that need improvement. There are many aspects of my life that I don’t want to change or amend. Is it cheating if some of my resolutions don’t include change, but to keep on keeping on? They could be called Continuations rather than Resolutions.

Moms hold the power of resolution success because we know the power of reframing and persuasion. We do it every day with our kids. We encourage them that “Soccer will be fun because of the cool uniforms and meeting new friends,” rather than “You are going to run until you are exhausted, look like grasshoppers in your uniforms and do this twice a week for the next three months.” It’s all in the marketing.

Yes, indeed. As Moms, we know the keys to successful New Years Resolutions. But, like our children sometimes, no one seems to listen.