Tonight is New Year’s Eve. That magical time of year when we bid one year good bye and welcome a new one. At the stroke of midnight, many will sing Auld Lang Syne, wishing away the regrets, applaud our contentments and embracing optimism for 2012.

As a Mom, this is my favorite time of year. I enjoy it more than Mother’s Day, my birthday and even Tax Free Weekend. Because on New Year’s Eve, I am reminded to let go of all those “What if I ….” or “Had I only done…” and “Why didn’t I…” of 2011. I can enthusiastically grab onto the “Let’s see what I can do about this….” or “I’m no longer….” and “This is a great time to…..” of 2012.

If your 2011 was great, may your 2012 be greater. If your 2011 was not so great, may your 2012 be the line in the sand saying so long to the What ifs and chase after the “Here I comes!”

Happy New Year!