One thing is for certain: Single parenting is a tough gig. Having been raised by a single parent, I know how it can be especially difficult during the holiday season. The streets are filled with holiday cheer and some single parents are struggling to just figure out how to survive physically and emotionally like the rest of the year.

Here are some thoughts to Moms from a single parented kid:

1. It’s really not about the gifts.

It is more beneficial to live in your means that to overspend on gifts.. The added stress that comes from overspending will only contribute to a stressful holiday season. And that is not fun for anyone. Instead, get creative on how you as a family can have a fun holiday season and still live within your means. Involve your kids in the planning and it will be enjoyable for all.

2. It’s about the time spent together.

If there are differences between you and others, maybe even your kids, is it possible to set aside those differences so that you are able to enjoy the holidays? Is there a way to find the common ground and camp out there during the holiday season? Differences will always be there, but they do not need to take center stage during the holiday season.

3. Don’t forget to laugh.

The holidays are an invitation to celebrate, so why not join in the party! There are endless thing to celebrate: sweet treats, old and new holiday traditions and just being able to take a break and breathe for a while. Grab some friends to hang out with if your children are not with you this holiday season. Holidays are for everyone – even Moms.

4. Give yourself a gift.

If this is your first holiday season as a single parent, consider giving yourself the best holiday gift you can: a break. Many single moms get stuck in the feelings of guilt and shame because they are now divorced. Give me and yourself a break! While divorce is not the ideal, is also does not have to be the end. While the holiday season may be more challenging, it can also be fun.