Still looking for that last holiday gift? Is there a person in your life that you really do not want to give a gift to, but feel obligated to give one to? What if there was a way you could “keep the family peace” this holiday season without having to spend a lot of time and money? If you are interested, then I have the perfect gift for you….it’s the “F” word.

What if you could give a gift that some have considered life changing? And this gift can be a holiday hit even if the other person does not really want it. There is really no way to return it. What is this mysterious gift? The “F” word.

What if there was a gift you could give that is not just for giving, but for keeping as well? A gift to yourself, so to speak, not just the other person. In fact, this gift has the ability to improve your health, improve your relationships, and help you gain control of your life. There is no pill to take, or gift to buy. What is this gift? The “F” word.

What is the “F” word? Forgiveness. That’s right! Forgiveness. The gift that does not cost a dime, and can make all the difference in your health and relationships this holiday season.

What is forgiveness?

While there are infinite definition of what is means to forgive, here is mine:

“When I no longer allow something in the past to steal my joy for today.”

It does not mean you have ignored what took place or just “forget about it.” Rather, you are making the choice to no longer allow another person’s behaviors to have influence over your emotions, behavior or even influence the kind of day you are having.

Remember that person that we mentioned? The one with whom you need to “keep the family peace?” Why not make the choice to forgive them? By choosing to forgive another person, your holiday season can be filled with peace rather than resentment. Imagine this: peace rather than the rumblings of resentment this holiday season.

Forgiveness is the life blood in any healthy relationship. I can not think of any relationship that is not strengthened by a forgiving spirit. Parent-child relationships are improved. Marriages are more intimate. And friendships become more authentic.


  • bethany

    So true, and so well said. Thank you! I know it’s something I need to do more of, especially with my boys. Hope your holidays are peaceful :) .