pumpkin     I love Halloween-it’s short and “sweet” and doesn’t involve a ton of shopping. If I have learned anything in motherhood, though, it’s to go with the flow – that despite my best plans, I can’t control things. Despite finally finding my 9 year old daughter’s favorite costume this year (1950′s car hop:) and hoping to be so organized as to make 20+ of the little “pumpkin” fruit cups for her class that I saw on Pinterest…we spent Halloween a different way. My sweet daughter was feeling really bad so no school for her and no class party -instead a trip to the pediatrician. She perked up but by trick or treating time, she was exhausted and asleep on the couch. She woke up and said she wanted to try to get her costume on …..but she just didn’t feel like it. Poor baby. One of her sweet friends brought her a lot of her own trick or treating candy which made her happy the next day. It wasn’t the Halloween we expected but we were all home together and my daughter is on the mend.
I remembered the early baby days when I would get everything just set to walk out the door and ….you know what happens, spit up, wet diaper, or complete blow out. It would almost bring me to tears but after many times of realizing my best plans can’t “make” things go my way (especially when it comes to motherhood) it’s becomes even more clear that it’s just a continual process of letting go. I find it ironic that we spend so much of our early years and also teach our kids to “do your best” and “try harder” to impact an outcome in school, sports, etc. yet our adult years are often spent “trying harder” to let go and relax and not take the outcomes personally–despite our best efforts. I may have said it before but I found school and work to be infinitely easier than being a mommy although I wouldn’t trade motherhood for the world.
Well, I need to get started on planning Thanksgiving and Christmas……I’m sure everything will go just as planned (yea, right) Actually things will be better than perfect, everything will be Perfectly Imperfect which is just fine with me.