2653765It is another weekend of rainy days here in Middle Tennessee.  As I pen this blog,  rain drops casually fall from the sky creating  a soothing rhythmic melody against the skylight in the office.  The sleeping dogs lie gifting me with residual flatulence from the umteen retriever rolls they have consumed this morning as a way to calm them down, and our kids are ever grateful for their self proclaimed “much needed” time to unwind while watching Disney in the playroom.

With all sports event called off and the inability to do any more gardening, it leaves this mother begging the question, ”What are we going to do today?”  Well, there is laundry to be folded – well,  it is actually in need of washed before folded…..dishes to be put away – well, they actually should be cleaned before put away…..and  projects to be completed – well, actually started before they can be completed…and the list goes on.

Then it dawns on me that there are also books to be read….cookies to be made….nails to be painted….and maybe even naps to be taken.   What is it about the rain that beckons its listener  - well this one at least – to just throw everything off her desk and to do list and forsake all productivity for laziness?

Perhaps instead of viewing this day as another opportunity to satisfy my to do list, I need to take my own advice that I give to my clients to take time to just hang out as a family.   To spend some time actually conversing with one another over meals rather then shoveling food in our mouths as we travel back and forth to school, music lessons, soccer practice, church and our other whereabouts.  Or listening to their hearts as we get our nails done.  Time is  fleeting as they grow up and I often wonder how much of it I end up squandering rather than enjoying with them.

So today I’m thankful for the rain and the much needed prioritizing it brings.

Rain Rain Don’t Go Away