So I was meeting with a couple other moms recently regarding our local Meet Up group…..our group is growing and we are planning some fun activities in the near future.  A local college (Anthem College) offered their facilities for us to have our upcoming meetings.  While brainstorming about types of speakers we’d enjoy for our group, potential outings, etc. we were wrangling children in a conference room.  One was a 17 month old little boy in addition to a set of 2 year old twin boys who enjoyed running laps around the large conference table.  I remarked that I was sure I could only have handled one child at that age (mine is now 8 years old).  The mom of twins has only known this double duty which I simply can’t imagine.  The other mom mentioned that she herself was actually a triplet!  She calls her mom often to just say “Thanks!”  and “How on Earth did you do it?”  She told a story of how her mom had actually been banned from a few places when they were small due to their……well, interesting behavior:)  At a McDonald’s, story has it that she and her two brothers decided to strip off all their clothes and run around naked much to the dismay of the McDonald’s manager who quickly asked her mom to take the kids, leave, and never return!  While, we enjoyed a compassionate laugh, many years later,  I can only imagine how her mom felt at that time.  Later , when we were leaving, one of the moms remembered to buckle everyone in but almost backed over her empty stroller.  I have done that – more than once!   Just another day in the lives of moms in action.  Being with other mommies-especially those with little ones-is always fun.  I never want to forget just how challenging (and rewarding) those early years are.