Well, I stumbled upon the art of “making your own laundry detergent” a few weeks ago online and was shocked to realize how much I normally overpay for my favorite detergent or whatever is on sale. Per the recipe, I bought the items suggestions (Borax, Super Washing Suds, & a bar of Ivory Soap) and decided I would make this a threefold event: money saving effort, craft-project for a rainy day, & mother/daughter bonding opportunity. I also picked up some regular detergent that day and life went on as normal…..except for feeling a twinge of guilt each time I saw the Borax box on the laundry shelf. “I really need to make that homemade stuff. It looks so easy” I would always think. I even began saving my empty laundry bottles for that “rainy day” when our mother/daughter project would fill the bottles with a soapy homemade concoction. Days turned into weeks and I wondered why I had even thought myself so crafty in the first place. I hardly cook much less create home-brewed cleaning supplies. What was I thinking? Oh well, at least the supplies were cheap-I wasn’t out much for hopeful thinking.  Call me an eternal optimist.  Everything changed this past weekend. I had to do some laundry.  I loaded the wash and reached for my detergent only to realize- “We’re out!” I had a choice: Make a trip to the store & spend time and money, or use the ingredients I already had PLUS finally conquer that recipe challenge. My daughter was thrilled to help and we now have SO much homemade laundry detergent (powdered and liquid-yep, both kinds) that I actually briefly entertained the thought of selling the stuff. It was fun, easy, and oh so cheap!!! I don’t know if I will ever buy regular detergent again.  We put some lavender oil in the liquid version just to give it an extra nice scent.  Now, off to research homemade softeners.  Have a perfectly imperfect day.
Click HERE for recipe of Homemade Laundry Detergent (liquid).