Is everyone enjoying this holiday?  The kids are out of school and some businesses are closed so the juggling act is in full swing-trying to spend some time with your little ones while also doing whatever obligations you may still have going on today.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to be granted a “day off” each time your kids are out of school, sick, or there’s a snow day?  I wrote an article a few years ago about the stress of finding childcare on an unexpected snow day.  In the South, if we see a snow flake, we cancel school – not work, just school.  I now have lots of “back up plans” in place for just such occasions but it has been a series of trial and error much like all of motherhood. Despite the books, advice, seminars, degrees, etc…a lot of it is just “on the job training.”  Today, after I leave the office, I’m going to take my little one to get “spacers” for her upcoming braces.  She is beyond excited and also a little nervous (me too).  I’m also excited to show her a new APP a mommy friend shared with me called Presidents vs. Aliens.  Anyone heard of it?  I’m sure you have.  I think it will be a fun President’s Day activity!  Have a super day learning as you go through this journey called motherhood & have a perfectly imperfect day!

Susan Douglas, MD