Walk into any coffee shop and you are sure to witness it. Sit in a mall parking lot and you won’t have to wait long to see it. Observe the pick up line at school and it’s happening many times over. Sit across from a friend’s kitchen table and you are experiencing it.

It gets us through rough days, helps us rebound from all nighters with sick kids and often happens without planning or pretense. Sadly, men cannot have it nor can it be bought. It’s Girl Talk.

Girl Talk are those conversations that women have which others may term nonsensical and even ridiculous. They take place anywhere moms are together. The topics are often ordinary, yet emotionally meaningful and productive.

Think I’m kidding? Some example from my ordinariness are how to manage two different kids with two different sports schedules, opinions on how to approach the driving part of teenagers (our kids are only in elementary school :) , what is the best make up to wear in winter, what does “savory” really mean and just now, a text about finding the most affordable vet.

Girl talk is not only fun, but necessary because it is the glue of friendships. Somehow a sisterhood is formed amidst the smaller issues so that we have a great buffer to the craziness of motherhood. Such is the power of Girl Talk.