This is the stuff Motherhood is made of...

It was 6:40 am and I was on my way upstairs to see why it was taking my daughter so long to get out of the shower. We had to leave in 20 minutes and she still had to get dressed, dry her hair, eat and pack her backpack. Seeing how one can already count our tardies on two hands and we are barely into the 2nd quarter, I’m a little uptight about being on time these days.

As I came closer to the door, I overheard my daughter chatting it up with our dog, which only become a greater time liability. No sooner that I pop my head in the bathroom to unload a bit of my frustration, and here comes this walking mass of wet fur escaping from the shower and shaking the excess water off her coat and onto me. Apparently, the Goober was afraid of something and was certain the canine witness protection program was in my daughter’s shower.

Running to my room to change clothes, I could only imagine the excuse I was going to have to come up with for our tardiness today because I didn’t see “The Dog in the Shower” one going over so well. The girls and I quickly grabbed whatever we could find for breakfast and piled into the van.

As we drove to school, the early morning tension was eased by fun conversation about the great time our kids had with their friends this weekend and laughing about our goofy dog. Our youngest even declared she and her sister were best friends again after the fight they had last night.

And it dawned on me: THIS is the stuff that motherhood is made of- the simplicity rather than complexities of life. Actually laughing at the dog, rather than losing my religion over it. My kids are the best teachers of how to slow down and enjoy life, if I’d only slow down and listen. Guess, it’s time to get my hearing checked.