As a mom, have you ever noticed how many marketing dollars are geared toward body image and women? Next time you are waiting at the grocery store, count how many titles talk about weight loss, make up tips and fashion. This week, I literally counted 17 titles from different magazines. One magazine even had a beautiful fashion model on the cover, with 5 such titles also grazing the cover.

As a counselor, I am convinced that self esteem and body image are in the top therapeutic concerns for women. Not only do we criticize how we look, we also take liberty criticizing one another! What is the deal? I suppose there is some truth to the theory that we tend to criticize others so can feel better about ourselves. And one must dress for success to go far in the corporate world. And who doesn’t feel pretty when we are dressed well and receive compliments?

But, what about those days we don’t? Those days or even weeks when we don’t feel so pretty? When we feel downright fat, flabby and even ugly? What if we have gained 5 lbs or even 50 lbs? Our appearance and size will always be fluctuating. Then what do we do?

As moms, we need a new standard from which we perceive beauty for ourselves and others. One that recognize media ad campaigns for what they really are – based in technology rather than reality. Let’s strive for a new standard that is not based solely on outward appearance, but healthy lifestyle choices. One that recognizes there will be times when we feel prettier than others and we are okay with that. Why? Because we get to take back the control. We get to determine how we feel about ourselves rather than fall victim and believe what others say. We have the power to take the first step by doing just one thing differently, be it eating healthier, exercising or even just starting to love ourselves despite all our flaws. No mommy’s perfect and no woman is perfect, that is why technology is used. If we fail and make a mistake, we pick ourselves up and get back in line.

What do you think?