With the presidential election season starting, I am amazed at all the political sound bites that are floating around, especially poor Rick Perry! Who hasn’t made a verbal snafu like this? Thank goodness, mine were not televised.

So in the same spirit, I wondered what would happen if we applied the same political correction to the daily happening of motherhood? What if there was a less condescending term for when my children acted out in public? Or other niceties for the those everyday challenges of motherhood? Here are a just a few of the political correct terms of motherhood that I came up with:

The dog doesn’t stink…she is fragrantly challenged.

That lost kitten is not homeless… she residentialy flexible

Dinner is not late…it is time sensitive

My children are not acting out….they are offering their acting debut

The car is not dirty…it is clutter focused

No, I didn’t hit that possum…. I am furthering the food chain

I’m not over budget….I’m affluently behind

I don’t overspend…I negatively accumulate

I’m not disorganized…I’m planning deficient

No Mommy is not perfect….but does the best she can with what she has and hopefully has some fun in the process.

What are your politically correct terms for motherhood?

Happy Monday!