The Costume Crisis

Autumn can be filled with many happy memories in our home: changing of the leaves, cooler temperatures, trips to the pumpkin patch, roasting marshmallows on our campfire pit just to name a few. Yet, every year, like clockwork it also brings about what I have termed The Costume Crisis.

Perhaps you are familiar with this annual event at your house. It comes around every October after the children have picked out their Halloween costume. The race is now on for the residential mother to start making their costumes. This year is no different, my daughter and I went to Joann’s, experienced many “costume changes,” found the perfect pattern, material and notions.

And then the stress sets in. My mind and heart out run one another trying to figure out how all this is going to get done by 6 pm on October 31st. Time is short to create the masterpiece that my daughter is dreaming. Our family will be banished from eating at the dining room due to the warzone that is spread across the table from the sewing machine, scraps of material and thread everywhere.

And then it hits me: Why put so much stress into something that is supposed to be so much fun? Halloween is a time to dress up, not a fashion show. It’s a costume…not an actual piece of dress worthy clothing! Who is really going to care if the stitches aren’t perfectly proportioned and the seams aren’t sewn correctly? I could always use my husband’s fail safe to secure things: duct tape!
My daughter is also at the perfect age to help make her costume, which will save time in labor.

Finally, I have an solution to The Costume Crisis: No Mommy’s perfect and Halloween costumes don’t need to be either.

Oh and there is always those favorite 2 syllables that warm the heart of every mother: E-bay.