It is no secret that today’s economy is every changing. Within the past four years, we have heard contradictory messages of growth and recession. This past weekend alone, protestors with “Occupy Wall Street” in Brooklyn peacefully expressed their own disdain toward the financial sector. So what is a Mom to do? Sometimes it feels like we are being held hostage to financial stress, even if we are not experiencing financial trouble. Is it possible to ride the shifting economic picture without sinking? Without question: yes. But it may take some effort.

First, resist discouragement. It only leads toward a lack of productivity and more worry. Life has enough worry of its own, why add to the list? While it may seem easier to curl up with a blanket on Worry’s couch, it will do little to improve anything.

Instead, choose to become empowered. Rather than sit in your living room allowing your thoughts to be held hostage to the financial woes that the media is throwing at you, walk toward empowerment. Take a good hard look at what you can do to reduce your anxiety, make a list and then work on completing it.

It also helps to recognize you are not alone. Strike up a conversation with anyone at the gym, office or pick up line and you will quickly discover the economic temperature is on the minds of many other moms. Don’t join the Debbie Downer Club. Hang out with the Empowered Ellies instead.

Also, consider lending a helping hand to others when you can. Helping others can force us to get out of ourselves and become less self-centered. There is something uplifting about being generous to others. Perhaps offer to babysit a friend’s children for a couple hours or surprise your kids with homemade cupcakes after-school. Even offering a simple greeting to the cashier at the grocery store can change a person’s mindset.

How about you? What things have you find helpful to emotionally survive the changing economy?